SMS fraud costs operators millions and millions of dollars each year. But implementing firewalls will allow you to curb that revenue drain for the future.

A Juniper Research study estimates that SMS traffic revenue for operators will rise from $ 39.6 billion to $ 50 billion in five years as traffic declines illegitimate. To do this, it will rely on SMS firewalls from companies such as Infobip, Mavenir, Mobileum, Proofpoint and Tata Communications, which take advantage of machine learning and natural language processing technology to combat the activity of cybercriminals. .

«Machine learning is crucial», comments in this regard, researcher Scarlett Woodford, «since it allows network operators to compete with the constantly evolving tactics of malevolent actors.»

If 539 billion fraudulent messages are expected this year, by 2025 the figure will have dropped to 138 billion worldwide. That is, if everything goes according to plan. The largest reduction will be experienced by North America, with a projected fall of 99%.

In this way, global revenue losses due to the existence of illegitimate channels will be reduced from $ 5.8 billion to $ 1.2 billion in five years.