The new functions facilitate the design and implementation of custom applications by companies.


FileMaker, an Apple subsidiary, has released the new version of its tool FileMaker Pro 16 , a platform that allows you to create, share and run custom applications for business teams.

Among the novelties of version 16 animations and transitions with scripts have been included , so that users receive visual indications that help them to orient themselves while using an app.

In addition, it offers enhanced signature capture, which means that users can sign documents on the iPad and iPhone in the same way they would on a paper form.

Another section to highlight is the integration, something that has been improved with a new function that allows you to easily exchange data with other applications and Web services through improved URL options and predefined JSON functions .

Likewise, the new Objects window allows changes to be made to an object without the need to ungroup the entire set of objects, and in the scalability level it should be mentioned that the apps that are accessed via FileMaker WebDirect , they can now be used simultaneously by 500 users .

Finally, another point that has received news about security, which with the arrival of OAuth 2.0 , offers the possibility of using account credentials from Amazon, Google or Microsoft Azure to log in to custom apps based on FileMaker.