With an already consolidated presence in Spain and Portugal, the platform that began its streaming services in 2007 seeks to expand its ground beyond the borders of the Iberian Peninsula.

Specifically, it has the financing provided by the venture capital firm Nazca Capital, which has just announced the acquisition of a majority position in Filmin . Another investment fund that is added to the shareholding is Seaya, expanding its confidence in Spanish companies such as others in which it has previously invested such as Cabify, Glovo or Wallbox.

In the last three years, just the time Filmin has been offering its streaming services for movies, series and documentaries, the video on demand (VOD) market has multiplied by nine in size . A circumstance that the streaming platform wants to take advantage of to grow in other markets beyond Spain and Portugal.

The founders, Juan Carlos Tous, Jose Antonio de Luna and Jaume Ripoll, maintain their position within the shareholders, in order to take advantage of their knowledge of the environment to internationalize while competing in the international market.

Filmin seeks to target a not so general market niche and with preferences for content that is not found outside of this platform. It is essentially committed to classic content, from small independent production companies or of European origin. A catalog that exceeds 15,000 titles that will bring Filmin a turnover in 2020 of 15 million euros.

In a context that seems to be dominated by the large platforms (Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Apple, HBO) that have years and / or millions of support, Filmin also competes with national platforms such as Movistar +, Atresmedia or Mitele.