In these days of absolute apathy and despair, with no will or anything to do except look at Twitter for some sign, I find myself too many times to be alone with my thoughts. No, rather alone with the void. Apathy. Chagrin. A little bit of consistency. But with these ideas, sometimes one drops a cap of aluminum in the head and starts to think nonsense, and from beginning to end while playing Final Fantasy VII Remake there was a question that has not been accurately determined, nor has she found solace after cumming the curtain.


The idea of success is broken and now the game can raise a lot more money Final Fantasy VII Remake is long. Not insufriblemente long, are 30 hours, but it is lengthen a stick of gum, which before was sold out in how many, five? Do eight hours lasted Midgard? The first reactor was completed in less than 15 minutes and here we are almost an hour circling until he explodes the bomb. It all lasts too long, are filled hallways fighting inescapable to arrive at moments that don’t say much. Why did he have to be so? The end I admit that has given me hope, makes me believe in this possible referral to the field of Rebuild of Evangelion and send everything to the shit, that we are now being more or less faithful but that for the third part we’re not going to know how to recognize what we have before our eyes. But it seems not. This is, certainly, the remake of Final Fantasy VII. Peace of mind.

To me this is the worst answer that I could give, because I can accept the uncertainty of what is to come, but right now I feel that you are playing with people giving answers elude them.

In any case, why.

Image of Final Fantasy VII Remake