The browser expands on the locks ‘cookies’, will help you generate passwords and warn you about possible data breaches.

The flagship product of Mozilla continues to add versions. The browser Firefox goes by the version number 70, which is focused on the topic of privacy.

And is that since Mozilla want to fight against the misuse of data internet users.

In this sense, Selena Deckelmann, senior director of engineering for Firefox, recuerda that “the industry uses dark patterns to push people to ‘consent’ an unimaginable amount of data collection. These interfaces are designed to how to motivate allow you to track your behavior while surfing the web”, pointing. But, as a user, “deserve better”.

Deckelmann bet for respecting “your privacy, time and attention”, even when it is a question of “how we protect you from others online,”.

So, Firefox 70 seeks to clarify how it tracks the online activity. Through the Firefox Privacy Protections report, you will be able to know in detail how many times the Enhanced Tracking Protection function has been performed to automatically block third-party tracking cookies and profile creation to the activity of users on the internet.

It also emphasizes security through passwords. It will allow to generate and manage credentials with Firefox Lockwise and stay informed about possible violations with Firefox Monitor.

Firefox Lockwise, which comes with an improved control panel, helps create passwords for new accounts, which can be saved directly in the browser. It also allows you to protect existing accounts with the same secure password generation system. Firefox allows you to use these passwords on any device through Firefox Lockwise for Android and iOS, synchronizing logins.

Another prop is Firefox Monitor , which alerts if there are suspicions that an account and its password have been involved in a data breach , so that the user can take measures.