They barely exceed 15 percent market share in a country widely dominated by local brands.


Although for many the Chinese company BBK Electronics is a great unknown, it is the most important in China in the field of the smartphones.

According to the latest data from the consulting firm Digitimes Research , two BBK Electronics brands dominate the Chinese mobile market.

This is Oppo and Vivo , which control 19.9% ​​and 15.9% of smartphones sold in the Asian giant, respectively.

In third place you can see Huawei with 12.1% and it is not until fourth place when Apple appears, the first The country’s foreign brand with 9.3% market share.

Other lagging brands are Xiaomi (6.3%), Gionee (5.55), Samsung (5.1%) , LeEco (3.8%) and Meizu (3, 7%).

On the other hand, the Digitimes Research report advances that in the third quarter of 2016 112.3 million smartphones were sold in China, representing a increase of 5.8 Annual% .

In addition, it reveals bad news for international brands , since they only sold 17.1 million units, a figure that is equivalent to 15.2% of the total Chinese market and represents a 36.7% decrease in twelve months .