According to data from the Ponemon Institute , 90% of companies that use OT technologies or operations technology has experienced cyberattacks in the last two years, of which 45% are related to the industrial machinery itself.

A threat that the Fortinet company wanted to focus on at the Secure OT 2020 event, a forum in which Joe Sarno OT director of Fortinet has pointed out how with the coronavirus pandemic, the risk in these systems has increased.

“In recent months, we are witnessing an acceleration of the digital transformation processes like never before, which generates many security breaches. And, in OT environments we don’t need more marketing but a real technology integration strategy ”, he stated.

Thus, Fortinet proposes Fortinet OT Security Fabric , a tool specially designed to secure OT environments.

This solution allows detecting any connected device anywhere in the IT and TO network, determining the degree of trust and continuously monitoring the behavior to maintain a level of trust.

The role of the CISO

In this sense, the global threat intelligence and research team FortiGuard Labs, within its predictions on the threat landscape for 2021, has also highlighted the increase in risks that are occurring in OT environments.

Specifically, predictions point to ransomware continuing to evolve and as IT systems increasingly converge with operational technology (OT) systems, particularly critical infrastructure, there will be even more data, devices, and, unfortunately, lives at risk.

According to FortiGuard Labs , “extortion and defamation are already tools of the ransomware trade. In the future, human lives will be at risk as field devices and OT sensors increasingly become targets of cybercriminals «.

A scenario in which, in addition to the company, they not only offer solutions such as Fortinet OT Security Fabric but also point to the strategic role that the Chief Information Security Officer or CISO has to play.

This was pointed out by Dale Peterson, OT industry evangelist at Fortinet, who pointed out how the CISO “has to gain visibility and enter the top management” since it is the figure “capable of putting context in this integration that must include «detection, response and maturity «.