The fever by the battle-royale of Epic Games continues to languish. If few days ago we picked up a report where it was stated that Fortnite was in free fall in incomes in the united States, now we have been able to know how your leadership among the games most viewed Twitch, the platform leader in hours of vision and issuance of gameplays of games, hanging because of a thread with a minimum distance on the second.

Specifically, we talk about League of Legends, a MOBA that does not acknowledge its nearly 10 years of life and that, as Fortnite, is close to 220 millions of hours of views in the portal is the property of Amazon. Also it should be noted that during this period of time was given the go Ninja Twitch, one of the leading and most famous creators of content on the production of Epic Games.

Stranger to the fight for the first square we find a World of Warcraft thanks to the launch of WoW Classic erupts in the list, an improvement of 100 million the previous data, and help to make Blizzard the company’s most successful on the platform. Among the novelties of the top compilation is appointment to Super Mario Maker 2, the Remnant: From the Ashes, Slots and Monster Hunter World by Streamlabs & Newzoo, developers of this new quarterly report.

Image Fortnite