in Spite of the current crisis caused by the pandemic COVID-19, the PlayStation has had an increase in sales of digital games and subscribers of PS Now and Plus. Sony is finalizing the preparations for the end of this generation and the start of the next with PlayStation 5.

The signature you’d like to see sales data before we judgehowever, many agree that his direct competition, Xbox Series X, is carrying out a better promotional campaign. Since the agency Bloomberg, Takashi Mochizuki he has asked the CFO of the company its opinion on this claim and if you believe that the team PlayStation would get an "approved" in regards to the marketing campaign.

in view of this, the management is of the opinion that the company is "doing the best they can be" in terms of strategy. In addition, you prefer to be cautious before granting the note of "pass or fail" to the team and adds that "I would expect to see sales of PS5 to make that judgment".

Picture of Xbox Series X