There are a few hectic days ahead in the video game industry. And we are not saying it only for the celebration of The Game Awards 2020 < / a>, or the upcoming releases, but also for the start of the Fun & Serious festival in Bilbao, which this year will be held in digital format from December 10 to 12 . An appointment that will have a stellar cast of speakers, and that will culminate, as usual, with the celebration of the Titanium Awards .

Every year, the Fun & Serious organization awards the best games of the year in various categories, from the typical award to the Game of the Year, known colloquially as «the < b> GOTY «, to much more specific categories for each aspect of the developments. And, unlike what happened at The Game Awards, the Titanium Awards do include Half -Life: Alyx among its GOTY nominees, the virtual reality title whose absence in TGA has caused disparity of opinions among players .

< p class = 's16 fftext c2 lh27 img100 a_n'> The fact is that this adventure has several nominations in Fun & Serious, a festival that includes other names such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The Last of Us 2 and Ori and the Will of the Wisps among its Game of the Year candidates. We also see some Spanish developments, such as Arise: A Simple Story , between the various categories of the Titanium Awards, awards that will be presented on December 12 , with the actor Claudio Serrano as master of ceremonies. Next, we show you the nominees for the Fun & Serious 2020 awards :

Game of the Year

Best Game Design

Best Narrative Design

Best Art

Best Original Soundtrack

Most Innovative Video Game

Best Serious Game

Best Basque Videogame

We remind you that the Fun & Serious festival will start on December 10 , and that it will be packed with renowned developers, from Warren Spector and Harvey Smith to David Cage and Joe Madureira . And we will even see Tim Willits and Marc Merrill , the former director of id Software and the co-founder of Riot Games, respectively. All of them as participants in a series of talks about the world of development and how the industry works.