will Show its new products in this segment during the Summit of the International Union of Public Transport.

With the occasion of the Summit of the International Union of Public Transport (UITP) in Stockholm, sweden during the next few days, between the 9th to the 12th of June, G & D Mobile Security will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the system of contactless ticketing.

A system that helped by the radio transmission allows to pay, identify and authorize access without contact. The launch of the first chip card without contact occurred in the year 1994 and now the G & D Mobile Security what you have in mind becoming solutions ticketing mobile safe in one of the strong points of your participation in the show of transportation. Are solutions for all types of applications, ranging from single tickets to monthly and annual, as explained above.

“We have supported and driven the modernisation of the ticketing in the public transport since their early”, pointing Bernd Müller, head of the division of Connectivity Solutions and Devices G & D Mobile Security. “Our solutions without contact paved the way to numerous applications in the field of transportation, from the payment and identification through loyalty programs and access control”. And now “we will continue this success story with new use cases of pointers and innovation”.

In Stockholm the company will show mobile solutions that drive the travel experience while reducing costs and increase efficiency for a few service providers that need to respond to the rising expectations of the digital society.

will Also display developments apud esim, with solutions for the management of platforms, mobility, connected in smart cities. And give to know solutions to support providers of transportation services in monitoring and maintenance of machines which issue tickets, tickets and control devices.