Friday, may 25 enters into force the european regulation on data protection, GDPR. These are some of the statements of spokesmen of technology companies to take into account.

Tomorrow comes into force the GDPR, the european regulation which will change the way in which we manage data. Regardless of your industry, all companies must update their privacy policy to comply with the new regulation. But, what do you think the major leading companies in its sector on the GDPR?

Maria Campos, regional director of McAfee for Spain and Portugal, explains: “The new regulation brings with it a great risk in matters of security. The loss of data caused by factors such as a deficient state of DevOps, malware infections, advanced, the lack of visibility of data, and the loss of physical data are some of the hazards faced by organizations today. Therefore, it is essential that companies integrate within their plans for digital transformation, the investment in the security of the GDPR in order to ensure the protection of the personal data of its customers, employees or partners.” 

For his part, Francisco Trillo, director general of BMC to Spain, Porgutal and Africa, he adds, “organizations should focus on to encourage and instill a corporate culture based on compliance”, says Francis Trillo, director general of BMC to Spain, Portugal and Africa. “the Only way they can progress and establish concrete processes, where users will be able to discover how it is configured, the storage of data on their devices, how they are connected and where to find all the vulnerabilities, to be able to articulate a plan and answer all of these questions. From here, you can move to centralize their efforts towards building a roadmap for compliance”.

Andres Garcia Arroyo, country manager of Workday Iberia, indicates that the GDPR should not be seen as a simple regulation in isolation, as this new legislation brings with it significant benefits for businesses as greater productivity and increased business performance. And is that as data are updated, the information flow will accelerate, and establish more efficient procedures within the company. “As a result of this new process, companies will have reliable data, which will help to better understand the industry and to predict the performance of the business in the future. It is for this that, from Workday we believe that the secret to having this holistic view of the company and to achieve the advancement of business lies in the technology. Leaders should bet for a system that integrates all data in a single solution, under the same architecture,” affects the steering.

finally, Alex Puregger, CEO of Fon, does not hesitate to point out the importance of maintaining security measures in WiFi networks corporate: “The solutions Enterprise type on the market allow administrators to provide users access to individually, and even that it can be limited to certain hours to avoid security breaches, for example, at nights or during the weekends. In this way, if any unauthorized device attempted to connect to the WiFi network within those hours, will not be allowed”.