Microsoft has finally realized that the time to do experiments with its universal Windows platform is over. What should have been a way to simplify the user experience has only brought problems; in the form of incompatibilities between interfaces, monitors with variable refresh rates or multi GPU configurations. In the end, the mere mention of the term UWP has become a taboo subject in the fishbowl community . This, coupled with the low popularity of the Microsoft Store, explains why Microsoft does not have a very good name among PC players.

Now, Gears 5 is coming down , and Microsoft has made a last-minute change that will change things flatly. The house games will no longer be inexorably linked to the Microsoft store, and what is more: TC Octus, senior community manager of The Coalition, has confirmed that the game will arrive as a Win32 application to all PC platforms, discarding the pitfalls of the UWP. It seems that Microsoft listens and rectifies , but that will require an Xbox Live account to run the game. In addition, users of the Xbox Game Pass on PC will also have to use the Microsoft Store to launch Gears 5. In June, after Microsoft’s conference at E3 2019, we reviewed the company’s news on PC. We ask ourselves: “Are sufficient improvements to the Microsoft application for PC ? ”.