The board of directors of the FSF , the Free Software Foundation founded by Richard Stallman 35 years ago, undertakes changes.

For the first time, welcomes a member from Europe . It is about the French activist Odile Bénassy .

In addition, historic board member Geoffrey Knauth becomes president . Or, as he states , in “servant-leader for help the community focus on our shared dedication to protecting and developing software that respects our freedoms. ”

«It is also important to protect and grow the diverse membership of the community,» he says, highlighting the fact that «it is the community that has selflessly built the impressive collection of free software that the world now enjoys.» and «must receive credit for this achievement» .

«We must be kind to each other and respect each other when our arguments of good faith differ, with the aim of providing the best solutions together,» he says.

Knauth is committed «to support honest dialogue and emerging leaders» to «ensure the future of free software for generations», as well as to «not alter the principles of the vision of the free software «.

Richard Stallman he resigned from his positions as president and member of the FSF board of directors almost a year ago .

At the same time, he resigned his position at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) research laboratory dedicated to computer science and artificial intelligence. He did so after the controversy generated by his statements about the Epstein case.