Ghost of Tsushima < / a>, the PS4 swan song in relation to exclusive titles, shows new content with which we can learn more details about the context of the work. He does so through a video published by PlayStation, in which the director of the game Nate Fox, Shuei Yoshida and the prestigious historian Kazuto Hongo , delve into the historical keys of the game. video game to discover what really happened in the Mongol invasion of Komoda beach, Tsushima, in the year 1274.

The sequence shows a preview of the extra included in the Digital Deluxe edition of the game, and will serve to learn how the story of Jin Sakai originated from a historical context that occurred in the 13th century, with the struggle between samurai and hordes of the Mongol Empire . A content that is also very didactic and that shows the similarities of the clothing and armor of the title developed by Sucker Punch with those of that time.

If you are curious to know more, starting today you can update the standard edition of Ghost of Tsushima to enjoy this content in full and the rest of the advantages of the Digital Deluxe Edition through PS Store , at a price of 10.99 euros. The following features are also added to the game.

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