According to Google, machine learning technology helps Gmail block phishing and spam with 99.9% accuracy.


Google has reviewed the capabilities of your Gmail email tool to improve security , especially thinking about companies.

On the one hand, it has decided to apply new machine learning models to the fight against phishing . Gmail now promises early detection of this problem, and therefore higher levels of protection for its users, delaying selected messages and performing rigorous analysis.

According to Google, the Machine learning technology helps Gmail block phishing and spam with almost total accuracy of 99.9%.

Another novelty of Gmail in terms of security has to do with the warnings to employees when they send certain emails . When they get ready to respond to someone outside the organization , Gmail will issue warnings to make sure you really want to do that. And thus prevent valuable data from being lost. By leveraging contextual intelligence, notices for existing contacts or frequent interaction will be avoided.

In addition, Google has announced the launch of integrated defenses against polymorphic malware and also against ransomware that kidnaps teams to ask for bailouts in exchange for their release.