Sucuri offers tools that allow you to protect pages against emerging threats, respond to hacks and fix vulnerabilities.

GoDaddy has returned to announce an acquisition that affects the picture online. If at the end of last year confirmed the acquisition of Host Europe Group, has now explained that have a purchase agreement signed with the company Sucuri.

Sucuri is known for its suite of security products and services, which allow you to protect web pages against emerging threats. In addition to offering the tools to respond to a hack in the moment in which this occurs, Sucuri also facilitates the repair of the vulnerability.

it should Be noted that this security provider is involved in the WordPress community and provides a plug-in security for your platform.

The intention of GoDaddy is in respect to the operation of Sucuri and, in the not too distant future, bring new products to market.

“The vast majority of our customers are not experts in website security, nor should they be to ensure their web sites”, indica Kevin Doerr, senior vice president and general manager of Security at GoDaddy. “The combination of Sucuri along with the scale of GoDaddy will promote the digital security for our customers, to do so without effort, in a timely and affordable”.

“we will Continue to invest in Sucuri and co-developing products that drive security solutions”, adds Doerr, who has not revealed what will be the amount of the transaction.

For his part, the founder of Sucuri, Daniel Cid, has wanted to remind you of that, “since our inception, we have always had a single goal of protecting the web sites of our clients. We accomplished this with two approaches very simple: by building things that add value and are a step ahead of emerging threats. Now,”, notes “we have the opportunity to take this same philosophy” and carrying “from a few hundreds of thousands of sites, millions”.