It spreads through emails, job search, and is installed with the help of an Excel document, to end kidnapping teams and ask 950 euros for the rescue.

The ransomware Petya extends its tentacles. Now it works in the form of the variant GoldenEye, is a malware attacks Human Resource departments.

What? is All starts with the dispatch of a email seemingly harmless. This is a mail of job search that has two files annexs. The first is a letter of introduction is innocuous, in the format PDF, which seeks to earn the trust of the receiver. The second is a document of Excel that it will request authorization to display the content, running macros. If authorized, will begin the encryption process.

So what describes the security company Check Point, which also has that GoldenEye will be adding extensions of eight random characters to each file, the force the computer to restart and just encrypting the hard disk. The computer screen will indicate first to the user who is producing a repair, but in the end it will show a note of rescue that starts at 1,3 Bitcoins, or what is the same, 950 euros.

GoldenEye would be directed against German companies. “The organizations are not able to avoid opening the emails with third-party attachments such as resumes of applicants, which facilitates the infection”, indicates the respect Check Point, which recommends to implement tools advanced security.