The all-in-one Cisco Spark Board, has versions of 55 and 70 inches and offers an interactive whiteboard, encryption, and presentations wireless, among other things.

Cisco has been proposed to end the chaos that sometimes characterizes the meetings, either by the mess of devices and cables that is generated around them or by the lack of preparation and a defined agenda.

To do this, argues, “do not just include a new device or create a new application. To solve the problems of the meetings means to design new hardware that is truly innovative designed, developed and deployed in combination with new software in the cloud. You must be enormously simple to use, complete and affordable so that more people can use it”, says Cisco, just enter Cisco Spark Board and the Cisco Spark Meetings.

Cisco Spark Board is a device all-in-one with versions of 55 and 70 inches that provides an interactive whiteboard for any attendees to the meeting, regardless of where it is, you can write things down in real time. Its other features are a 4K camera and technology VoiceTrack, as well as the ease of configuration that is limited to “to mount the device on the wall and connect”, the fact that jobs are automatically saved for retomarlos later, the use of encryption and ultrasound or presentations wireless.

Cisco Spark Meetings, which integrates software, hardware, applications and the cloud, leverages the functionality of Cisco WebEx for “include the before and after” of the meetings. Cisco defines it as “your Cisco Spark Board in the pocket”. Cisco Spark Meetings delivery of the resources necessary to prepare for meetings as are scheduled through a work space set. Among other things, allows you to save ideas and start sessions with a single touch.

“The best meeting is without a doubt that which is not required”, valued, Rowan Trollope, senior vice president and general manager of IoT and Applications at Cisco, which notes that “the professionals that use Cisco Spark hold fewer meetings, and when they meet, the experience is much better. You can’t schedule innovation, as it happens in your own magical space”, he adds. “Cisco Spark and Cisco Spark Board provide the necessary tools to make that magic take place,”.