The navigation application will compete against other services that allow car sharing between travelers.


Google continues to diversify its businesses and now seems determined to enter fully into the field of ‘carpooling ‘, where they operate Successfully services like UberPool, Lyft Line, or Bla Bla Car.

It will through Waze Carpoo l, a service that Google has been testing in the US city of San Francisco since last May.

The plans announced in the Wall Street Journal talk about Waze Carpool already ready to make its leap to other cities in the United States and Latin America , and if everything follows the planned plans, its premiere in new destinations will be will produce in the coming months.

The concept proposed by the Waze service is based on contacting travelers wishing to go to a destination with drivers heading to it , which implies which is different from on-demand trips with a driver, since they cannot be hired in advance.

Noah Bardim, CEO of Waze, explains that his biggest challenge is to get his carpooling service employed by people when they go to work.