The company allows access to an advanced protection option.


In order to provide an extra dose of protection in your mail service, Google has announced that it will launch an «advanced protection program» in Gmail .

The idea is that those users for whom security is extremely important can have greater security in their accounts.

Among the features offered by this new option, the need to connect a USB security key to access Gmail from a computer , so that each time the user connects to the service can be verified.

Also, the Mountain View company will not forget users who use their accounts from mobile devices , for which authentication will require the use of a wireless device with Bluetooth .

In addition, users who have that advanced protection and will have their accounts accessed from third-party applications such as the iOS mail client or Microsoft Outlook.

On the other hand, the process of recovering access to the account will also be more laborious , so that fraudulent access by hackers can be avoided.

In this new Google website can be seen as configuring the new advanced security options, along with information to acquire the security keys USB and Bluetooth.