It’s called Notice and remedy to the problem of tofu, those white squares that appear when you can’t show certain characters of a text.

Say good-bye to tofu. That is what has made Google with its latest project, whose results have just see the light.

The project in question is called Noto: and it is a new family of font is totally open source. His name is a reduction of the expression “no more tofu” and refers to these white squares that appear when a problem occurs when you display certain characters or the symbols of a text.

Give yourself five years ago, and in collaboration with volunteers and experts from other companies such as Monotype and Adobe, Google has been working on a solution to remedy this hindering the exchange of information by digital means, that “can create confusion, a breakdown in communication and a poor user experience”, such as explica in your blog.

The result is a new font type that promises consistency for each symbol in the Unicode standard. And it will continue to add content as they are creating new characters.

right Now, I Notice account with up to 110,000 characters and is compatible with more than 800 languages, including some as complex as Arabic. Their authors, who kicked off the project to advance the operating systems Android and Chrome OS, rely on that in the future will serve to preserve cultures.

how to source open source that is, I and your different files are offered completely free of charge.