The Google app for iOS devices has also been tweaked to double stability and allow YouTube videos to be viewed from the query itself.


After improving in May the search application that develops for iOS devices, Google has Back to announce an update that brings up to three highlights in your prop.

On the one hand, the Mountain View company has worked on increasing stability. According to official data, the new tool is twice as reliable as the previous version, which means that it will incur fewer failures than the ones it had been committing so far. At least that’s what is expected.

Secondly, this application advances in video viewing, making the content of YouTube more accessible. To watch the videos from an iOS terminal it will not be necessary to open a new page, but users can do this directly from the search , which saves time.

Last but not least, the creation of Google is committed to privacy. It is now possible to activate from the configuration the incognito mode to make queries in private, without saving search and browsing histories. This is combinable, to older, with Touch ID technology.