Google is aware that some queries made in its search engine are more susceptible than others to being used for bad practices.

A problem against what the company fights are those sites that ask for a payment in exchange for removing content related to a person. Google already had mechanisms to remove these pages from its search engine or downgrade them in the results list. But there are cases in which the practice spreads and cases of repeated harassment occur.

Therefore, the Mountain View company has decided to implement changes you hope to protect victims with . When someone requests to be removed from a site with such abusive practices, Google will automatically apply classification protections . This means that will prevent content from similar sites from appearing in results for searches by people’s names.

“This change was inspired by a similar approach that we have adopted with the victims of explicit non-consensual content, commonly known as revenge porn ”, explains Pandu Nayak, vice president of search at Google.

“While no solution is perfect, our evaluations show that these changes significantly improve the quality of our results,” he says. . “Search is never a solved problem and there are always new challenges we face as the web and the world change. We are committed to listening to comments and looking for ways to improve the quality of our results ”, she assures.