Controversy around the Mountain View company when it is discovered that it does not respect privacy on mobile phones governed by Android.


Bad news for Google’s mobile platform reputation, after it has been revealed that Android collects the approximate location data of its users although they have indicated that they do not want to share their location.

The Californian company has recognized the information uncovered by Quartz , which states that since the beginning of 2017 Android-ruled smartphones send their users’ location information to Google.

That data is sent when the user connects to the internet, and is collected thanks to the data extracted by Google from the mobile phone towers near the user . < / p>

That Google behavior occurs without the consent of users , and from the Mountain View company they comment that the data is used in a system used to manage notifications and messages from users .

They have also ensured that the data was not stored indefinitely, and announced that will suspend that practice .