The popular search engine has stopped working in some areas of Europe and North America.


Bad news for the Google search engine, since from around 10:41 this morning Spanish time, the service has started to work slowly , resulting in cuts in some parts of Europe.

Specifically, the most affected countries have been Holland and Denmark , as well as some parts of Germany , and later it has been extended to other areas of the planet. < / p>

In that sense, the falls in Google have also reached India, Israel, the United States (New York, Chicago and St. Louis), and in Europe, there have also been problems in Barcelona, ​​London , and parts of Italy and Hungary .

At the moment the reasons behind the falls in the search engine are unknown, since Google has not published any information about the causes of the incident, which has not yet been fully resolved .


In the following link of the Downdetector website you can see in real time the z onas where there are still failures of access to Google, among which there is no longer any location in Spain.