will Also open four Google Hubs in this country under the name of “Les Ateliers Numériques” for topics of online training and digital literacy.

Google will invest decisively in France with different projects, as explained by their own CEO worldwide, Sundar Pichai.

According to recordado Pichai, “the studies suggest that if France take advantage of their full digital potential, could earn up to 10 per cent of the GDP of the digital technology by 2025, creating an additional value of 200.000-250.000 million euros per year”. And continues: “During the last three years, we have trained more than 3 million europeans in digital skills. Only in France, more than 230,000 students and professionals French have attended training sessions on digital skills and are taught by our teams and partners. Now we want to do more”.

That’s what happens, on the one hand, by opening a new research center on artificial intelligence. To do this, the Google team will work with the community researcher French in a matter of science, health, the environment and art. The intention of Google is to publish the results, and open the resulting code. And there is not the thing.

The giant of Mountain View also has plans to deploy up to four Google Hubs under the name of “Les Ateliers Numériques” to delve into the online training and the digital literacy free of charge. The first of them will open in Rennes before summer. The calculations of Google indicate that the impact of these centres exceed 100,000 people per year.

finally, the company’s Sundar Pichai expand your offices with 6,000 square foot new of buildings and increase its workforce by 50 %.

“we Hope that these new investments will help the country, academia, and local businesses to turn France into a true digital champion”, indicates the maximum responsible of Google.