For its part Lenovo, which leads the ranking of submissions next to HP Inc., has recorded falls in eight of the last ten quarters.

IDC is not the only consulting firm that has published data on the PC market for the third quarter of 2017. is Gartner has also developed.

In your case, your preliminary data establish that shipments fell 3.6% year-on-year to 67 million units. Also determines HP Inc. and Lenovo are virtually tied in the first position, with more than 14 million units each, but with opposite trends. While HP Inc. already accumulated five-quarter consecutive growth, Lenovo has registered a tripping in a good part of the last ten quarters. Their deliveries have fallen in eight of them, including this quarter.

In general terms, the PC market, where Gartner includes desktops, laptops and ultra-mobile premium already has twelve consecutive quarters of falling in a matter of deliveries.

“Although there were signs of stabilisation in the COMPUTER industry in key regions, including EMEA, Japan and Latin america,”, acknowledged Mika Kitagawa, principal analyst, Gartner, “the results relatively stable were offset by the us market, which recorded a decrease of 10 percent year-on-year”.

Kitagawa also commented that “the demand of PC business, led by upgrades of Windows 10, continued to drive PC shipments across all regions, but their update program varies according to the region”. Meanwhile, “the rise in the price of the components affect the PC market for consumption, as most of the vendors usually pass the price increase to consumers, instead of absorbing the cost themselves,”.

For regions, EMEA brings 19 million of the 67 million units of PC shipped over the third quarter. This region has suffered a drop of 1.1 %, according to Gartner.