And has presented the community partners of production HP Digital Manufacturing Network, which includes Forecast 3D, GKN Powder Metallurgy, GoProto, Jabil, Materialise, Parmatech, and ZiggZagg NV.

HP bet on the business of printing in three dimensions with the announcement of his new industrial system Jet Fusion Series 5200, which promises to advance “predictability, efficiency, repeatability and quality of manufacture to production scale”.

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution is one of the forces most transformative of our lives. Due to this, you will need new technological innovations, will emerge new models of collaboration and develop new ways of doing business. HP is committed to helping customers with various manufacturing needs to convert the change into an opportunity by using the portfolio of the most innovative solutions and the ecosystem more full of the leading partners in the sector,” said Christoph Schell, president of 3D Printing and Digital Fabrication of HP, with the news of this release.

“The expansion of our portfolio with the new system of 3D printing Jet Fusion Series 5200, along with the expansion of the industrial alliances, and our new network of digital manufacturing, are major accelerators of our journey towards the digital manufacturing” he says.

And is that, in addition to put into the market the system in the Jet Fusion Series 5200, HP has presented a community to be a production partner named as HP Digital Manufacturing Network, directed to the design, production and supply, scale of pieces of plastic and metal resorting to 3D solutions, HP. In this network, which include brands like Forecast 3D, GKN Powder Metallurgy, GoProto, Jabil, Materialise, Parmatech, and ZiggZagg NV.

moreover, HP strengthens its alliances with other members of the industry. is With the help of BASF, has introduced the thermoplastic polyurethane certificate ULTRASINT, designed for flexible parts. These companies want to move forward in the development of new applications combining capabilities of printing and materials science. And already working on applications with Vestas and Sculpteo.

Other associations of HP have as protagonists the Siemens and Materialise. is With Siemens will deliver a solution additional manufacturing that combines printing platform and data intelligence of HP, as the Jet Fusion Series, 5200, and software Digital Enterprise of Siemens. The partner with Materialise will integrate the solutions Jet Fusion 5200 and 500/300 with the Materialise Build Processor and Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite.