With HPE Container Platform wants to encourage the development of applications that run on infrastructure, ‘bare-metal’, or virtualized, public cloud, and the ‘edge’.

taking Advantage of the acquisitions of BlueData and MapRin addition the technology Kubernetes, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced HPE Container Platform, a platform that seeks to accelerate the development of applications that run on infrastructure, bare-metal or virtualized, the public cloud and the endpoint.

HPE is defined as “the first platform of containers based on Kubernetes business-grade designed for both native applications from the cloud as well as to monolithic applications with persistent storage”.

“The development of applications are migrating to containers and Kubernetes is the de facto standard for the orchestration of containers. We are combining our experience and the intellectual property of the recent acquisitions together with Kubernetes open-source code to provide a platform of unrivalled container for enterprise-class”, says Kumar Sreekanti, senior vice president and CTO of TI Híbriada in HPE.

“Our approach ‘container-first’ it will provide the companies a way faster and at a lower cost for the modernization of the applications, optimized for bare-metal and extensible to any infrastructure from the endpoint to the cloud”, indicates Sreekanti.

This platform will go on sale to principles of 2020. Promises security, performance and reliability at lower cost, deliveries of versions of code with greater speed, the possibility of developing once to run applications in any place, and a modernization of software monolithic non-native in the cloud without redesigns.