Among other things, has introduced a guide on the choice of the hardware and software environment best suited for each task in machine learning.

the goal to help businesses to adopt artificial intelligence, starting with the learning feature that allows to cope with complex tasks like recognition of images and voice, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced a series of platforms and services.

In the first place, he presented the Rapid Development of Software in HPE to AI (the abbreviation of artificial intelligence in English) with an integrated solution of hardware and software focused on high-performance computing. For this, it counts with the collaboration of Bright Computing, and, based on the system HPE Apollo 6500, includes frameworks pre-configured for machine learning, libraries, automatic updates and support for NVIDIA Tesla GPU V100.

in Addition, HPE has introduced the guide HPE Deep Learning Cookbook with orientation tools that will be used to choose the hardware and software environment best suited for each task in machine learning. This solution can even be used to validate performance and adjust configurations in stacks of hardware and software that is already owned.

on the other hand, highlight the HPE AI Innovation Centers located in Houston, Palo Alto and the French city of Grenoble, which give you access to infrastructures and tools for research projects. HPE wants that these centers may become a place of collaboration between universities, companies and its own researchers.

Other centers to consider are the HPE Centers of Excellence, which have been improved and that they want to contribute to the acceleration of applications for machine learning on the part of scientists and IT departments, achieving ROI in the short term. These centres are distributed by Houston, Palo Alto, Grenoble, Tokyo, and Bangalore.

“In the present we live in a world where we generate huge amounts of data, Deep Learning” or deep learning “can help us to extract knowledge from this information. However”, says Pankaj Goyal, vice-president of the Artificial Intelligence Business in HPE, “a universal solution does not work. Each company has its own needs that require a different approach to start to use, measure and optimize your infrastructure for the use of the Deep Learning”.

“Our goal in HPE is to bring the AI to our customers, regardless of the time of the process in which they are located, with the help of our portfolio of infrastructure a leader in the sector, extensive experience in AI, a first-class research and a large ecosystem of partners“, concludes Goyal.