Half-Life 2 is one of the greatest games in history, and although it is still looking great almost 15 years after its successful launch on PC, the reality is that many signed the launch of a remake taking advantage of current technology to create a review of the great adventure of Gordon Freeman. This could have happened, but Gabe Newell refused; the idea came from the boss of the Know Interactive (World War Z), Matthew Karch, who spoke with Newell about this possibility.

"After making Halo Anniversary and Halo 2 Anniversary as part of the Master Chief Collection, I got in contact with Gabe Newell, who I already knew from before, and I told him I wanted to remake Half-Life 2", explained in a recent interview in the Game Watcher. "A remake of Half-Life 2 is everything we wanted to do. We were not going to charge anything for it. What we would have done to change an equitable distribution of the revenue generated by the game. I wanted to do it, simply because I love that game".

What happened? Newell told Karch that there was no current plans for a Half-Life 2, and that in the unlikely event that it should be in the future, he would be in charge of the own Valve. How it would have been a remake of Half-Life 2 developed by those who put up the classic Halo and Halo 2? Subtract the company after Steam remember that has one of the franchise’s most beloved video game in your closet to bring it back to life and appease all the fans who want to know how continues the story of Freeman.