Revenue from smart glasses should grow 100% this year, according to Strategy Analytics, which also sees potential in the headphones.


Although the smartwatches or smartwatches capture the attention, and a good part of the sales, of the devices that are put on top, there are more types of wearables that have potential. For example, hearables or smart headphones that take advantage of biometric capabilities and smartglasses or smart glasses.

If we look at the data that manages the Strategy Analytics consultancy, this year we will see progress on both fronts. The growth in the hearables market for 2017 is estimated at 75% . Over the years it will increase. In fact, the compound annual growth rate until 2022 has been set at 102%.

In terms of hearables competing brands such as Apple, Samsung and Sony, but also others such as Bragi, NuHeara or Doppler. And, although North America is currently leading in this segment, it is expected that Asia-Pacific will end up ahead.

For smartglasses , Strategy Analytics speaks of a 100% revenue growth this year. There are brands like Apple, Epson and Vuzix to animate the market. As for the most favorable places for this type of glasses, North America and areas of Asia stand out again, such as China, as well as Western Europe.