Has bought their assets for Core Security to strengthen the protection against external and internal threats.

HelpSystems and SecureAuth have come to an agreement by the which the first is made with the active Core Security of the second.

Here enter software products such as solutions for government IT and identity management, penetration test, the detection of threats and management of vulnerabilities.

“we Know that many companies simply lack the resources and solutions necessary to protect their corporate assets correctly, and in any moment” declares Chris Heim, CEO of HelpSystems. “Now, HelpSystems can accompany even better its initiatives, on all platforms and with a focus on cyber security from multiple angles, that will give IT professionals and Security greater peace of mind,”.

This operation extends the company offer for the protection against intrusions and threats, whether external or internal.

The acquisition of assets for Core Security of SecureAuth will also serve to advance regulatory compliance.

In terms of SecureAuth, its CEO Ahmed Rubaie explains that from this moment “only focus on innovating our platform of identity and access management, as we head into the cloud with features for IT governance integrated into the product”.