Ensuring business continuity has become a widespread necessity in recent months, as the coronavirus pandemic is fought.

In this unusual scenario, the cloud has gained weight. Spending on cloud infrastructure services grew during the second quarter 31% to $ 34.6 billion. This is the same as saying that it has increased by 8,000 million dollars compared to the figure of just a year ago. There are also 3.5 billion more than during the first quarter of the year.

Online collaboration solutions and other tools for working from home or studying remotely, e-commerce and services for streaming of content are behind this boom.

“Cloud-based services were essential in enabling contingency plans designed to maintain virtual operations during confinement. They will also prove critical in the next phase of response to COVID-19 ”, plans Canalys chief analyst Matthew Ball «as economies gradually reopen.»

These services will contribute to «the implementation of new digital workflows, such as online reservation and order systems». They will also serve to secure workplaces «by monitoring occupancy levels,» for example, or by tracking contacts.

Right now Amazon Web Services leads the market for cloud services, contributing 31% of total spending . It is followed by Microsoft Azure , which for the first time reaches a 20% participation. Google Cloud ranks third with 6% and Alibaba Cloud stays close with 5% .