The Chinese company has taken stock of the year that will end and has presented its strategy for 2018.


Huawei has presented some data on the marketing of its smartphones this year, noting that they reached 153 million units, a figure that implies the lowest level of growth in that field in the last four years s.

Also, for next year 2018 they will try to achieve a greater market share globally in the premium market , set out in VentureBeat .

The company’s idea is to “launch disruptive products and innovative technology to lead the global market ”, and they trust 2018 to be “the first year they really walk in pursuit of their prominence international ”.

2017 has been especially good for Huawei in countries like Germany and Italy , where it has shown good levels of growth. < / p>

Despite this, the Chinese company recognizes that need to better understand the needs of premium users outside the Chinese market , as well as Chinese consumers who are experts in the field of smartphones .

On the other hand, they point out that your business-oriented business “needs to maintain a medium-high growth rate, and become a pillar in the company’s income in five years. ”

In addition, they have recognized that Huawei’s consumer sector -oriented business needs to improve its financial performance, its public cloud business increase its scale, and in its core business aimed at mobile operators outperform rivals.