Huawei managed to increase its income during the first half of 2020, remaining close to 65 billion dollars.

The company has even snatched from Samsung the leadership in the smartphone market.

But the next few months could go wrong. The Chinese giant believes that its phone sales will end up being lower this year compared to 2019, when it managed to distribute some 240 million units around the world.

The reason for the change? The trade war between the United States and China, which continues to add chapters .

Huawei is noticing the effects of the sanctions, which prevent it from using American technology in its products.

September 15

The president of the consumer unit, Richard Yu, has revealed that his ability to produce chips is dying out and that he will be forced to stop the production of Kirin processors in little more than a month.

“Unfortunately, in the second round of US sanctions, our chipmakers only accepted orders until May 15th. Production will end on September 15 «, says this executive, as stated by Associated Press . «This year may be the last generation of high-end Huawei Kirin chips «.

«This is a very big loss for us,» regrets Yu before a scenario in which Huawei is running out of its own components for smartphones. The company has no «chips or supply» .

This affects even creations with artificial intelligence processing power.

Huawei turned to partners like TSMC to develop its chips, but the fact that they need US technology to exist makes it impossible to maintain operations as before.