The Chinese company will see limited use of AMOLED displays on their smartphones during this year.


Bad news for Huawei , since it is estimated that only 8% of the total mobile phones that will produce the brand in 2017 will carry AMOLED screens , a situation generated by the shortage in the supply of those panels.

From Digitimes ensure that c is about 70% of the production of OLED panels during the years 2017 and 2018 will come from the hand of Samsung Display , and point out that it will be supplied for Samsung and Apple smartphones.

Specifically, it is estimated that Apple receives 75 million OLED panels from Samsung Display in 2017, a figure equivalent to 14% of global production that year, while Samsung Electronics will have 56% thanks to its own production.

We must also mention the cases of the Chinese brands Oppo and Vivo , which have signed supply agreements with Samsung Display for 2017, thanks to which 10% and 13% of the guarantee is guaranteed. global production of OLED panels, respectively.

Finally, for the future we will have to be attentive to the arrivals of LG , which will begin supplying OLED panels next next year 2018 , and to the Chinese firm < strong> BOE Technology , which will start production in 2020 .