a few weeks Ago we spoke to the irresistible Humble Bundle against the coronavirus that included great games like Darksiders II or Hollow Knight for a few euros, and now we know that it has been a sales success, generating more than $ 6.5 million that will be allocated to the fight against the pandemic COVID-19.

Broken Age, Undertale, Killing Floor and Darksiders 2 are some of the games in the packIn total we have raised 6.565.557 dollars through the purchase of 208.527 packs, so the responsible of the store have not hesitated to acknowledge the contribution of the fans. "Your support makes a big difference", have said. "Thanks again for all your support during these difficult times", add in your writing. " The community of Humble continues to advance and beyond!"

Humble Bundle raises more than $ 6.5 million in the fight against the coronavirus