Watson will be implemented at in the OnStar system from GM cars to learn the behavior of the users, and provide mobile services that are personalized.

Watson, the artificial intelligence technology from IBM, going way used in various forms for about 1,000 million people by 2018, according to the CEO of IBM, Virginia Rometty.

The new agreement sealed by the company with General Motors (GM) to deploy Watson on his OnStar system in cars is a example how the Giant Blue is expanding the reach of its system of computing cognitive. “This partnership will put the technology of Watson’s in contact with hundreds of millions of people at the end of this year,”, has affirmed the policy to The Wall Street Journal.

GM has just released a version assisted by Watson OnStar, its subscription service that offers navigation, diagnosis, and other characteristics, to provide mobile services beyond navigation and entertainment. The new system, christened as OnStar Go, is designed to learn the behavior of the users and to develop personalized offers for members.

Rometty has emphasized that the roll-over of the company to solutions in the cloud, the computer cognitive and mobile has provided to IBM 8,000 million dollars of annual revenues during the last quarter.

Watson, your system of software of artificial intelligence delivered as a service, cloud computing, it is a a key part of the “strategic imperatives” of the manufacturer.