Technology companies operating in Europe may have to deal with tougher regulations.


In order to protect small and medium-sized enterprises , the European Commission is deliberating to approve new legislation that would affect the big technology companies that do business in the European Union .

Web platforms such as Google, Amazon and 320, could see how they are prohibited from offering unfair terms of contract for small businesses that use the services of those companies to sell or promote their products.

The European Commission has stated today that wishes to study the complaints of SMEs about unilateral changes in their contracts , the inability to access essential data on sales and customers, and poor transparency regarding its positioning in the results of user searches.

In addition, from the community agency they point out that when resolving disputes with large ICT corporations, small and medium-sized companies have little chance of achieving compensation , report at Wall Street Journal .

It has also been revealed that the European Commission will decide by the end of the year if new legislation for ICT giants really needs to be put in place.