One more chapter in the FIFA 21 soap opera and the footballers, in a revolt led by the Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic , who He attacked EA Sports for profiting from his name and image in the video games of the FIFA saga . A war that threatens to reach the courts and began, it seems, when it was said that David Beckham would receive more than 40 million dollars for being the cover of the game . A fact that has outraged Ibrahimovic and more footballers, although the North American company said bluntly that these figures are «false and sensational».

Recently Mino Raiola , representative of the player and one of the best known in the business for his peculiar personality, has joined. Who has given an interview to Talksport where the matter has come to the fore. The agent had a heated conversation with Simon Jordan , former owner of the English club Crystal Palace, to discuss the matter. And for Raiola to openly say that this matter «is about money».

Jordan asked Raiola if it was a matter of taking care of the image of Ibrahimovic or if it was more for the money, to which the representative responded forcefully: «It’s about money, okay? It’s about money because EA Sports is not a charitable foundation < / b>. It’s about money, rights and who can exploit whose rights. We take the position that EA Sports does not have the rights to use players in their games, «said an angry Raiola.

We will see what the next step is and where this battle ends, since according to Raiola himself, until 300 footballers support Ibrahimovic in this crusade. From EA Sports they recently commented that it is not about EA Sports or video games, players or fans. It’s a battle between the soccer players’ agents and FIFpro «.

This controversy aside, We remind you that FIFA 21 arrives on December 4 to PS5 and Xbox Series X and that in this report we tell you all news .