League of Legends < / a> is one of the most popular multiplayer titles in the world, which is nothing new. Its immense player base has encouraged Riot Games to diversify its portfolio with recent proposals such as Valorant , and new games within the same universe, such as Legends of Runeterra or League of Legends: Wild Rift . Well, even if the name of the next thing that comes from the study is still unknown, we do know its nature. And it is that Riot Games works on a League of Legends MMO .

Through Twitter, Riot Games Vice President of Intellectual Property Greg Street has posted a message seeking new workers, stating that his current job is to support the development of a new game in the League of Legends universe: «I have news! My most recent job at Riot has been to support the development of the League [of Legends] universe […] My new job is to kick off a big ( some would say it’s massive ) game that many of you, many Riot fans, have asked us to create «.

Although the «massive» was already enough clue in itself, the manager confirmed in a later message that, indeed, the next Riot Games is an MMO , in case there were any doubt. Likewise, a company representative separately confirms Polygon that this game will be an MMORPG, and that it will be set in Runeterra , the world of League of Legends. However, at the moment there is no more official information about the characteristics of this title.

Since it seems that the project is is still in its early stages , it will surely have to wait a long time to learn more details about the League of Legends MMO . One more project for the wide range of games that Riot Games supports at the moment, who continue offering new champions in League of Legends , while expanding Valorant with new content, their successful shooter published this year from which We talk to you in our Valorant analysis .