A difficult year is coming for console manufacturers around the world, and not because of a lack of demand among gamers. The shortage global semiconductor paints an uncertain picture for brands like PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo, and in the case of the latter, President Shuntaro Furukawa speaks of a temporary shortage of Nintendo Switch in some regions, right now. But this is not yet due to a lack of components for production. It is due to another specific factor that has affected the layout of the console itself. And yes, we mean the blockade of the Suez Canal .

The Suez Canal accident has caused delays towards Europe Shuntaro Furukawa Unless you live outside all the news, you will remember that last March 23 the Suez Canal was blocked by a freighter that ran aground across the viaduct. A channel through which 10% of world maritime trade circulates, which was closed to traffic for 6 days. And with this, the supply of Nintendo Switch in Europe suffered. This was recognized by the president of the Big N in the meeting with shareholders after presenting their fiscal results.

< p class = 's16 fftext c2 lh27 img100 a_n'> «COVID-19 has caused drops and delays in freighter traffic to markets outside of Japan, and businesses in some regions are experiencing a temporary shortage, «Furukawa said. «Specifically, the accident that blocked the Suez Canal has caused delays in the transport of products to Europe, and inventory in stores is low in some countries » .

Switch exceeds 84M consoles sold

Beyond Europe and the problems with the Suez Canal, the president of Nintendo notes that «in the United States, sales were solid in March, and the supply of hardware is currently not able to match the strong demand «. Excessive sales for the console, which in turn have boosted game sales, resulting in a record year for the Super Mario company. As we informed you a few weeks ago, Nintendo Switch has more than 84 million consoles sold .

A record above all Nintendo forecasts, even after increasing them, selling more than 28 million consoles in the full fiscal year. Not only that, of this figure, 6 million consoles were bought by players who already had a Switch . A sample of the immense demand for the machine, while Nintendo anticipates potential production issues later this year. Let’s hope the Big N manages to avoid them, now that promise to release many new games this fiscal year.