According to the IDC, they will pass from the 435 million desktop computers, laptops, workstations, tablets ‘slate’ removable and last year’s 405,2 million.

The market of computers and tablets, in general, will be losing strength during the next few years.

According to the forecast of IDC, in 2021 will be distributed only 405,2 million computers and tablets in front of the 435 million recorded for the year 2016. The consultant takes into account both the traditional computers, that are desktop computers, laptops, and workstations, such as tablets type slate and the knockdown.

But midway, in 2019, it seems that there will be growth in the devices of personal computing, it will not be too bulky. In that growth will have to see the tablets detachable and portable for the commercial sector, which is betting on models, ultra-thin and convertibles.

In fact, while desktop computers and workstations fall below the 89 million units in four years and the sales of tablets will slate will be reduced to just over 107 million, the laptops and the workstations mobile will go up to 163,7 million, exactly. Tablets detachable and it will make close to 46 million units.

“The refinement constant of designs slim and convertible, as well as the increase in commercial costs are helping to stabilize the shipments of traditional PCS”, comments Loren Loverde, vice president of IDC’s Worldwide Personal Computing Device Tracker & Tracker Forecasting.

“Although shipments of traditional PCS will decline slightly at the end of the forecast”, in 2021, “the increase of the replacements and the growth more stable in emerging regions will keep the business growth in a positive territory”, highlighting the management of IDC:, “and keep the shipments annual total over 252 million during the forecast”.