And, by then, 40% of IT core spending will be related to the cloud.


IDC Research Spain and T-Systems have inquired about the future of artificial intelligence, the cloud and data, three phenomena that intermingle and will continue to evolve together throughout the next years, and has concluded that the European market for artificial intelligence systems will move 12 billion euros in 2022 .

This represents an annual growth of 40%, according to the report Artificial Intelligence Systems in the Public Cloud.

in Addition, 2022 two fifths of the spending core of IT will be related to the cloud, doubling in 2028 to reach 80 %.

The study indicates that Spanish companies raise the analytical data primarily in the cloud, and we forecast growth of over 25% for the next three years.

“In the current environment, data are a key asset and differential. Their management and analysis are going to make the difference between companies in the coming years, which is assuming an exponential increase in the application of artificial intelligence systems in the analysis of markets and customers, innovation in product, efficiency of operations and human resources, and have provided positive returns on investment in Big Data projects”, says Ignacio Cobisa, senior analyst at IDC Research Spain.

The main uses of the artificial intelligence in the organizations have to do with the understanding and the attention of the customer. Others are linked to automation, demand planning and allocation of human resources, for example.