In March, 148,684 new lines of this type were added, resulting from the addition of 192,285 postpaid and the loss of 43,601 prepaid.


There are more and more mobile lines with internet in Spain . According to data from the National Commission for Markets and Competition ( CNMC ), the total number now exceeds 40 million.

Last March, 148,684 registrations of mobile broadband lines were registered, 6% more than in March 2016, which means reaching 40,012,922 >. Those about 150,000 highs arise from the addition of 192,285 postpaid lines that compensate for the loss of 43,601 prepaid lines.

It should be noted that the vast majority of voice lines with mobile broadband (85%) depend on Movistar, Orange or Vodafone, which are the three operators with the most prominent businesses in our country.

As for exclusive data lines, they exceed 1.7 million. There are 1,711,655 lines of this type. If the voice with mobile broadband is also taken into account, the penetration is 89.8 lines per 100 inhabitants .