Huawei has been placed in second position, behind Samsung, after registering a growth of successfully defended 48.8% in the last quarter.

The count of shipments from smartphones along the second quarter, has been satisfied with surprise.

And that is for the first time in eight years, from the second quarter of 2010, Apple does not occupy one of the first positions of the ranking global vendor.

this has been warned IDC at the time of analysing what happened during the last few months. This consultant explains Apple distributed 41,3 million iPhone between the months of April and June in front of the 71.5 million of smartphone of the brand Samsung and 54,2 million that correspond to Huawei.

And that’s the company that runs Tim Cook celebraba a few days ago his “fourth consecutive quarter of double-digit growth in revenue”, with the help, among other products, of your famous phone. The iPhone has contributed more than 29.900 million dollars. A year ago just spent 41 million iPhone and didn’t get to the 24.900 million dollars. These numbers finally overcame, but not enough to keep the silver medal world by number of smartphone.

Has been the performance of Huawei which has ended up causing the decline of Apple in the rankings. With a record market share of 15.8 %, the chinese giant, whose shipments have improved by 40.9% year-on-year, shows his credentials in front of the rest of the competitors.

“The continued growth of Huawei is at least as impressive, as his ability to move into markets that, until recently, the brand was largely unknown”, » says Ryan Reith, vice president of program in IDC:.

yes, Reith recalls that “Apple is placed in the first position in the last two fourth quarters after its product update, so it is likely that we will see a continuous movement between the companies best classified in 2018 and beyond”.

“For the majority of the markets,” he adds, “the competition of the range ultra-high (more than $ 700) is in large part a combination of Apple, Samsung and Huawei, depending on geography, and this is unlikely to change much in the short term,”.

In any case, would not have to lose sight of other companies like Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo. Xiaomi, for example, has improved its shipments a successfully defended 48.8% in the last quarter. It should also be noted that Samsung experienced difficulties during the Q2, as confirmed your responsible for the presentation of fiscal results. Sales of the models Galaxy S9 and S9+ were slow and the signature south Korean is pointing directly to “lower sales of smartphone” as the reason for their loss of income.

total, between all the vendors participating in the market smartphone , and according to data provided by IDC, have been sent to 342 million terminals during the second quarter of 2018. This is a 1.8% drop. It is the third consecutive drop experienced by these smart devices and in this I would have to see, for example, the saturation of the market. It is also influencing the rise in prices.

despite the fact that this second quarter has been weaker than the 2017, analysts trust that you re-generate growth.

The second hand market

Apple does not lead in new smartphones , but it seems that it does stand out in devices that have been reconditioned and put back on sale.

The online store Back Market has published a list with the top ten refurbished smartphones demanded by buyers and it appears up to eight different iPhone models, starting with the iPhone 7 32GB .

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