For two consecutive quarters, sales of devices that are in charge of commanding the wearable market and all its innovation potential have decreased.


The market for smartwatches seems to be stagnant shortly after it began to exist . It has begun to show signs of weakness. If a year ago by this time the different smart watch vendors were able to place 5.6 million units around the world, especially thanks to the push of an Apple Watch that took its first steps, during the third quarter of 2016 only have managed to place 2.7 million smartwatches . The overall sales volume has fallen to less than half. And it is not an exception. It is not at all an isolated case. Already in Q2 there was registered a drop in world distributions. Of the 5.1 million smartwatches that were sent during the second quarter of 2015, it dropped to just 3.5 million between the months of April, May and June. For the first time in their short history, the smartwatches gave ground. So, from one year to another. Almost suddenly, with no time to assimilate it, a couple of year-on-year falls have accumulated, 32% and 51.6% respectively.

For two consecutive quarters, the counts offered by the consultant IDC show a change in trend . The market for smartwatches would be deflating. The proposal of these devices, which is called to lead the revolution wearable of devices that are carried as if such a thing, could not end up convincing beyond the initial concern of the early adopters < / em>. The warnings are also coming from Strategy Analytics, which in April revealed that the Apple Watch was losing market share, and therefore adept, leaving more than 10 percentage points in a period of only three months. And the bad omens have been repeated by Canalys, a research firm that highlights < / a> that, during the half of 2016 that has been completed, Apple watch sales were limited to 3 million units. That is, the signature of the bitten apple tree would have dispatched some 500,000 units per month. In addition, the alternatives that are on sale with Android Wear operating system have not contributed to compensate for the losses , quite the opposite.

Waiting to see if the Christmas campaign restores tempers, analysts are not very optimistic about annual forecasts. If the market for smartwatches manages to grow compared to 2015, it will not be for a very wide distance. The possibility is considered that throughout 2016 shipments of these modern watches record a discrete growth , contributing some 20 million units to the 21.5 million annual expected for the market of wearables smart as a whole, between smartwatches , smartglasses and other devices connected and attached to the body. The lack of punching of the smartwatches is even more evident when compared to the performance of the most basic wearables , such as the activity wristbands of companies like Fitbit, Garmin or Xiaomi which are also placed on the wrist, which offer functionalities similar to those of watches and cost less money. This type of trackers will come to the 80,7 million units sold this year.

why has stunted the growth?

why are not reaching the smartwatches to the same levels of popularity that the smartbands? Why have you begun to lose a bellows in the middle of the race? What is it that I lack to hook those who love technology and succeed? What needs to change? How should be presented to the consumers on foot, or to the men and women of business? Where lies the problem of adoption? What should be the stumbling block in sales? In the first place, the segment of the smartwatches is proving to be highly dependent on the Apple Watch. If he falls, the others will go to the grave with him. During his last announcement of quarterly results, which bears the date of this week, Apple declared himself satisfied with the response of customers to the Apple Watch Series 2 presented at the beginning of September. But in the summary of your financial data figure that the income of the category of “other products”, where the Apple Watch appears along with the Apple TV, the iPod, the product Beats and certain accessories, were limited to 2,373 million dollars. This is less than the 3.048 million for the quarter equivalent of 2015.

Also keep in mind that the Apple Watch had not been renewed to fund up to recently and the demand of the versions available always low when you are about the premiere of a review.

“consumers have deferred purchase of smartwatches since the beginning of the 2016 waiting for a hardware update”, pointed out after the first fall in sales of the smarwatches Jitesh Ubrani, senior research analyst, senior IDC’s Mobile Device Trackers. The possibility of an alternative, more complete, as the posts to win the money, cause it to stagnate, or slow down, the distributions. “The strong decrease of the volumes in the distribution of smartwatches reflects the way in which the platforms and the vendors are realigning”, also appreciates the colleague of Ubrani , Ramon T. Llamas, research director on wearables. Apart from that waiting for the new Apple Watch and watchOS, “the decision of Google to postpone the Android Wear 2.0 has implications for its OEM partners on whether to launch devices before or after Christmas”. And “the Samsung Gear S3, which was announced at IFA in September, has not yet been released”. And that’s note.

at The end, “in concert,” adds Llamas, this will be left to the providers to depending on older devices, aged, to satisfy the customers” in the past few months. On the other hand, there is the problem of the complete functionality. The smartwatches still show the lack of autonomy and independence. They lack packaging. “All the vendors are facing similar challenges related to fashion and functionality, and while we expect improvements for the next year, the growth in the rest of 2016 will probably be tenuous”, says Jitesh Ubrani, because the differentiation also leads likely to be too strong. “it has Also become apparent that today the smartwatches are not for everyone. Have a purpose and a use case are clear is paramount, hence that many manufacturers are focusing on the fitness because of its simplicity. Going forward, however, to differentiate the experience of smartwatch of a smartphone will be key, and we’re starting to see the first signs of this, as the integration cell is growing and that the commercial audience begins to test these devices”.

The sensation that there is still some way to go. The smartwatches need a value proposition that is clear. What offer them which does not contain some smartphone that are transported to all parts in bags and pockets, apart from a smaller size? All gadget presented his credentials as a “the next big thing” it should meet real needs and demands of the society. Or they need to convince consumers that what is offered is just what you claim. What is certain is that decreasing the size of the screen does not seem to be the most recommended in today’s technology market, by a mere matter of ease of use. The less space you have available to show notifications, the more inventive they have to be these. And the more you will have to force the users to read them. In this sense, the telephony market is evolving towards larger screen sizes. The 3.5-inch that Steve Jobs identified as ideal for the launch of the first iPhone back in the year 2007 a long time ago that were left behind. Now the phenomenon phablet has been established, and are being quietly 6 and 7 inches.

the technological innovations, such as the smartwatches, required capacity of surprise, that a few models can be differentiated from others, that bring utility and deliver variety of applications. But also reliability. The experts indicate that users already refuse to compromise weaknesses techniques. The purchase of a smartwatch is that worth it. This device may not cause inconvenience or discomfort to get you started.

Other factors to consider are the design and the brand. “To date, only a small handful of leading watch brands with traditional, have entered the market smartwatch, lagging well behind their counterparts technological brands”, indicating Flames. But it is something that is changing, with the contributions of firms as “Casio, Fossil and Tag Heuer”. For this expert, “the participation of leading watch brands traditional it is essential to offer you some of the most important qualities that end-users are looking for in a smartwatch, that is, design, fit, and functionality. Combining them with the brand recognition and the distribution of these brands already have, it is reasonable to expect that the market smartwatch to grow from here,”.

And you, what do you think? Do you have reached the smartwatches before they are ready? Do you have been launched to the market without a real contribution that motivates the buyers? Or, on the contrary, you consider that you are the buyers who have not understood your proposal? What are the smartwatches a creation ahead of its time? How auguráis a long walk and will be adding these watches that do much more than give the time to the list of products failed in the technology industry?