The effects of the coronavirus pandemic have been noted in the figures of the main operators with business in Spain.

The trio made up of Movistar / Telefónica, Orange and Vodafone have presented financial results for the second quarter of the year (the first for Vodafone, although corresponding to the period from April 1 to 30 of June). The three companies have referred to the extraordinary situation that the country is going through and how the health crisis has affected consumer habits and, therefore, their businesses. It should be noted that the Spanish Government paralyzed las portability for a time to avoid displacement as much as possible and respect confinement during the alarm state.

Telefónica entered 3,028 million euros after suffering an interannual fall of 5.2% , something that its managers directly related to “COVID-19, with decreases in both terminal revenues (- 50.2% year-on-year) and service revenues (-3.9% year-on-year), the latter being affected by lower retail revenues (-5.4% year-on-year) ”, with an impact on convergent revenues and business communications .

For others it has been worse. Both Orange and Vodafone’s revenues fell more than 6% during this period of increased incidence of the coronavirus in business activity.

Those in Orange fell by 6.8% to 1216 million euros compared to the second quarter of 2019 after «the partial stoppage» of the company’s activity «due to the COVID-19 crisis and the general drift of the industry towards the low cost segment ”, as she explains. The Vodafone service revenue remained at 920 million euros, which is 6.9% less , «due to a drop in revenue from roaming / tourists, due to the launch of initiatives and offers to support customers and society during the pandemic, the reduction of income from the HORECA sector and the temporary deactivations of companies due to the decrease in activity ”.

The results should have been different if the infections had not been triggered and the authorities had not had to take restrictive measures.

Service to service

Telefónica’s total accesses currently stand at 41.6 million. Fiber accesses to the home are counted by 4.45 million, to which must be added 8.9 million fixed telephony, 18.9 million mobile telephony and 4 million pay television, among others.

Orange’s subsidiary in Spain has 19.8 million clients, of which some 15.8 million belong to the mobile services part and nearly 4 million correspond to the fixed broadband segment. Almost 3.2 million customers have FTTH services, while 4G users are close to 11 million. 85.1% of its fixed broadband customers enjoy convergent offers. And the Orange TV platform has reached 672,000 subscribers.

Lastly, Vodafone Spain managed to increase its mobile contract customer base to 11.4 million during the last three months analyzed. Those of fixed broadband amount to 3.2 million. And the television customer base grows for the fourth consecutive quarter, in its case to 1.5 million subscribers.